Best Hair Straighteners Trending Online

In today’s era there is lot of hair straighteners and styler are available in the market among all it’s difficult to choose the best one. Today I can show you the product review of some of the best hair straighteners. Maybe you will be able to achieve the best styling but the problem is it can be very much tough to find the one that’s the best for your hair. Many hair straighteners claim to prevent the hair damage while some claim to made with a high quality material for healthy shine.  So don’t get fooled as the hair straighteners are the versatile than the name suggests.

If you are confused from where to start, Then don’t worry I proud to share the experience of different hair straighteners with you people.

Commonly there is a quote that life isn’t perfect but your hairs can be. You are someone with curly hair don’t worry your dream of having the straight hair with best straightener can become true. Using straightener surely gives you the silky hair but what about the damages which is caused to your hair? For solving your problem I have came up with a reputed brand and protection for your hairs along with using straightener.

DysonCoarale Hair Straightener

The Dyson Hair straightener can leave your hair straight completely and without damaging your hair. This is most popular hair straighteners in the market and can cost you little more. This comes with the starting price of 36000-42000INR approximately. This can be purchased from the online website like Nykaa, amazon etc. This is the only straightener with flexing plates. This Hair straightener also enhance the styling, for reduced frizz and fewer flayer.

best hair straighteners


It’s made with the OLED Screen which displays the battery level, temperature and charging status during use.

This hair straightener can be used for all the hair types.

This hair straightener has three precise heat settings(165degree, 185 degree, and 210 Degree)

It delivers you the thermal performance

It shuts and starts automatically

Travel friendly

Vega 3 in 1 Hair straightener

One of the most popular nowadays which is being purchased by large population people have started liking the 3 in 1 straighteners as well the most newly introduced straightener type which has 3 in 1 style in one straightener.

The three styles which includes in this vega hair straightener are:

  1. Curler
  2. Crimper &
  3. Straightener

As we all know vega company is known to be one of the top manufacturing brand companies in hair innovation products. The Brand quality and durability of the vega products are the above average mark and so they are most prestigious and loved by many people around the world. 

The three styles makes this 3 in 1 hair straightener a perfect combination facility.  And one of the amazing talk the product comes with the manufacturing warranty of 2 years.


Ceramic Coated plates:  The plates of the Hair straightener are coated with classic material of ceramic which allows the straightener to distribute heat equally across the plates. The Size of this product includes 105mm*30mm which is the utmost suitable for the lengthy hair.

Crimper:  This plate design provides you with the 5 per-defined ridges of crimps to your hair. It gives you extra shine and also makes the Process of crimping easier. This hairstyle looks amazing on Jeans and crop top paired with boots. You will definitely get the compliment in this look along with the crimping hairstyle.

Hair Curler

The vega 3 in 1 Hair straightener has a 32mm barrel diameter which utilises the curling hair into this straightener. The curl by this straightener remains for 4 hour minimum. So we can say it has a quite long durability.

Switches to different styles: this product switches to different styles and can be switched to different hair design plates with just a pressing a button back and front and in middle. It’s quite easy to switch to different styles.

Philips Kerashine Straightener HP8316/00

This straightener is keratin infused which glides through your hair. Minimising frizz and damage.  The wide plates are designed for thick and long hair. The straightener can straighten the hair in just one go.


it has the 8m cord

This hair straightener removes the tangled hair

Provides your hair natural looking and shiny

It has the heating temperature of 210 degree Celsius

The straightener heats up in just 60 sec.

Havelis HS4152 Titanium Plates Hair straightener

The Havells is well known Indian brand in beauty tools. This hair straightener is crafted with the high quality titanium plates.


  • This product is made with titanium plates which helps to spread the heat evenly and glide smooth through hair.
  • This hair straightener has a 6 temperature setting style
  • The hair straightener has a floating plates for styling flexibility
  • The hair straightener shuts down automatically after 60 seconds to prevent any accidents.
  • The straightener has a quite fast heating feature

Braun Satin Hair3- ST 310 Straightener

This Hair straightener can make you look just coming out from a salon The temperature of 13 settings make it just to style as you desire.  This product all temperature has been tested and applied and then confirmed for use for health majority hair types.  It has 100% ceramic coated plates which distribute the heats equal all the corners.


  • Comes with the 13 temperature settings.
  • It has the floating plates for every type of hair
  • It has cool tip for safety

Vega Titanium Flat Hair straightener

This Hair straightener provides the perfect shine to your hair and also durability of straightener. It is one of the most popular and luxury hair straightener. The plates glides and evenly distribute the heat which reduces the chances for hair damage. It’s 360 degree cord prevents the tangling of hairs.


  • This hair straightener displays the temperature digitally.
  • Provides the healthy styling
  • 360 rotating cord.
  • This straightener also had the lock system to protect your hairs from damage.