How to Become a Wedding Planner

Everyone wants to get married someday. The once-in-a-lifetime moment seems to be a special moment for everyone. Well, how do you make it special? wedding planner. Yes, they make it special

They magically mould your special day to be filled with unforgettable moments. India being a culturally colorful country ….

How to do makeup at home for Wedding party

We all know what makeup holds a place in every women’s heart.  Today I am going to share some of the makeup style with you all this is a very simple makeup styles and anyone can do it at
home even if you are a beginner in makeup

Learning makeup at home for wedding party is not so simple as you save your  Before that I would like to let you know..

Lehenga blouse designs

As we all know wedding bells are ringing and aur all brides must be so excited about their lehengas designs and conscious about their stunning looks. So in today’s article we are going to discuss about the latest lehenga blouse designs of 2021 that our brides can go with the trend and get the compliments from other

Indian wedding and trending dresses

Weddings are very vibrant, intricately planned, culture rich and festivities full of celebrations and different traditions. A Hindu wedding lies between couples and expectations while blending their family traditions.

Every single events in Hindu weddings normally takes place over span three days..

How Much Does A Middle Class Indian Wedding Cost

A wedding or marriage is a social bond between two families as well as two people, the bride, and groom. For the wedding, two families come together with respect to their son or daughter’s happiness and for a bright future. However, it is a mandatory thing that every girl and boy has to marry at a certain period of his or her age.

Skin Cancer Symptoms

Skin cancer is a abnormalities of skin cells it is mostly developed on skin exposed to the sun. The ultra violet rays of sun is very harmful to your skin. But there is a chances that also occurs on areas of your skin which is not exposed to sun.

Skin cancer can be categorised in there’s types:

• Basel cell carcinoma • Squamous cell carcinoma• Melanoma Skin cancer protection is totally in your..

Hairstyle for Lehenga

A wedding is not just about two souls uniting or two families uniting but it is always more than that. Besides that, it is all about wearing expensive jewellery, the food, the decorations, the dress, the makeup and the hair.. When it comes to wedding, no one wants to take it easy, nobody wants to compromise. Everything has to be perfect. People ..

How to make your skin glow naturally at home

One of the major reason is lack of sleep, stress, tension, age and anxiety and most importantly it depends on what kind of food you eat. And we bring you the good news which is you can transform your skin from dull and tired to radiant, luminous and glowing. ..Here I have picked you the best homemade remedies to transform..