How to do makeup at home for a wedding party

We all know what makeup holds a place in every women’s heart.  Today I am going to share some of the makeup style with you all this is a very simple makeup styles and anyone can do it at home even if you are a beginner in makeup. Learning makeup at home for wedding party is not so simple as you save your  Before that I would like to let you know that I am not very much professional in makeup, I am just very passionate about it. So the steps which I am going to share with you people you can skip some steps in this tutorial.

shopshala makeup at home for wedding party

Things you must know about the Beauty products:

  • Foundation
  • Highlighter
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Eye base or primer
  • Eye pencils
  • An eyeshadow palettes
  • Soft Colors lipstick
  • Eye shimmer
  • Black or brown mascara
  • False eyelashes
  • Makeup tools and brushes

Gold Bronze Eye Makeup For weddings

Step:- 1 start take a two small pieces of cello tape or scotch tape and stick it to the both the corners of your eyes to your eyebrows. This trick will be very much helpful to apply your liner and eyeshadow in a correct place without spreading here and there.

After doing your skin rituals Then apply concealers on the your eyelids and blend it well so it doesn’t look patchy when you apply the eyeshadow never apply the eyeshadow directly to your eyelids this will make your Makeup patchy.

STEP:- 2 The. Take a bronze eyeshadow colour and slightly apply with the help of blending brush in your crease area and blend it slowly and lightly.

STEP:- 3 now take the golden eyeshadow and dip your eyeshadow brush in it and just dust it off the extra powder and apply to the crease slightly and the main game is blending if you blend it nicely you are all done.

STEP: 4  Now take a silver eyeshadow on a flat brush and apply it to your eyelid areas and blend it nicely and take care you do not overboard with this as it should look like a specs of glitter here and there in the eyes.

STEP: 5 Now at the last apply a thick fine wing eyeliner and flaunt your attractive eyes.

Face makeup

Face:-  First of all even out your skin tone complete your skin rituals before applying the makeup.  No apply a foundation to your skin and blend it out completely with a beauty blender and off-course don’t forget including your neck area.

How to do makeup at home shopshala | Ankita's

Now after you blend your foundation apply the concealer to cover your imperfections and to get a flawless skin and then set it with some loose powder like banana powder. This is the base makeup and it remains same for any kinda makeup.

Bridal makeup Step by step with pictures

This tutorial hopefully will be helping our brides for best makeup for their weddings we all know a wedding is just like a dream for women and all the women’s are very conscious about their looks and makeup’s on their wedding day  let’s tell you step by step how to do the bridal makeup:-

Cleansing And Facials Before makeup

I can recommend you the best cleansing milk is Nivea visage  and Himalaya deep cleansing.

Wash your face

First of all wash your face with a good quality face wash if you have a avenue prone skin then wash your face with Himalaya neem face wash.


Apply the moisturiser to keep your skin hyderated

Apply base Matching your skin tone

First of all make sure your base makeup is one shade lighter or one shade darker to your skin tone otherwise won’t look good.

Bridal Makeup Step by step guide

Step:-1 First of all coverup all your blemishes and under before doing the bridal makeup conceal eye area by using the concealer and if you have dark circles or uneven skin issues then first you need a corrector use any good quality corrector to correct your skin and then apply the concealer.

Step:-2  Now take a windshield brush and apply the eyeshadow which is the medium brown colour on the crease in a wiping motion.  This eyeshadow will help provide an illusion look of deep eyes .

Step:-3 now apply a dark black eye pencil over the outer corner of eye and do not apply on water line Area as your eye will look small.

Step: 4 now carefully part an eyelid with a eyeshadow and maintain uniformity of the colour.

STEP:- 5 now apply bronze shade over third corner of the eye while not going far outside but just right at your place where socket ends.

How to do makeup at home shopshala | bridal makeup

So girls follow each and every step mentioned above for a attractive and Cathy makeup look and one more thing don’t try to experiment with your makeup on your wedding day a sit may go wrong and skin May look patchy.

How to apply makeup like professional

Practice:- No matter how much you read how much you see but if you don’t practice you cannot apply a good professional makeup. Makeup takes a lot’s of effort and practice until you have the look that you want.

Set up serene space:– you have to set up your personal space where you can sit quietly and apply your makeups and practice there quietly. It’s not only you need the time for your makeup but also need a calm environment in which to do it so.

Pick the perfect foundation:- many women does this mistake of not purchasing the foundation of their skin shade Get matched to your skin that is the right for you skin and creates a natural look but if you will add much more power you will be at risk of making your skin look dry and old.

Don’t miss SPF

Applying the makeup then never miss the SPF as it is really important to protect your skin from sun rays if you will not do so you may get tan or uneven skin in the long run.