Indian wedding and trending dresses

Weddings are very vibrant, intricately planned, culture rich and festivities full of celebrations and different traditions. A Hindu wedding lies between couples and expectations while blending their family traditions.

Every single events in Hindu weddings normally takes place over span three days. The main ceremony and reception on the third day are attended by the more guests . And yeah be prepared for the early morning events the auspicious times and predetermined and provided by the priest.

Hindu wedding events:

  1. Sangeet

Prior to the wedding there is sangeet event where gathering of relatives takes place where all the families and relatives come together for dance, sing and revel the joy of upcoming event.

  • Mehandi

In this event the brides hands and Feet are adorned with the Henna(mehandi) and this event is attended by the close relatives and friends along with the brides families.  In this event the henna is used to intricate the designs of temporary decorative art to lie to the brides hands and reflects the motifs of the partner.

  • Wedding

This is the final day for which all this events took place a wedding mandap which is made with temporary structure constructed for only the purpose of wedding. A fire is kindled to take pheras the Hindu marriages are Sacramented and they are not on contract.  The bride brother gives the bride Fistfuls of Puffed rice three times as wish for his sister’s happy marriage life.  The Hindu marriage Germany begins with the prayer of lord Ganesha and the gotra of both couples are announced during this prayer.

What to wear in wedding?

Every one has the question before attending any wedding that want dresses to wear in wedding? We can clearly conclude that wedding nowadays have very less fashion rules because wedding rituals and rules are defined since ancient times but still couples find some way to flaunt their fashions in weddings as well. Now days sone brides are skipping that traditional gowns for their elegant pants, the groom is passing the typical pastel suit and we can’t doubt saying that bridesmaid are also ditching the cookie-cutter dresses


Before moving to your wedding dresses to purchase a few things you should remember in mind. Like what Colors to not to buy, little more knowledge about the outfit planning, figuring out the attires etc.

 what to wear in friends wedding

When wedding seasons begins in India. Shopping for ethnic wear rises for the obvious reason. The seasons definitely demands from you to give your best look in your friends weddings when it comes to best friends wedding nothing can beat that excitement because you both have sone it all from sharing secrets to crushing on boys I-am I right?

What to wear depends on the time of the day like after ensuring your wedding outfits should not upstage the couple, try to dress up appropriately for the time of the day like in afternoon wedding generally means a coat and tie and flowing dresses.

Thumb Rule

Always keep in mind the attire that will vary for everyone, fall weddings can get weather changes very often ,so dressing in layers in darker, muted will definitely match the mood. Winter weddings fabrics typically hold more festive and heavier fabrics. Whereas spring and summer weddings is season where you can wear a lighter fabrics and offcourse brighter fabrics color. Men’s can also mix and match their suits accordingly.

How to decide what to wear

Determine your choices of outfits, and the looks can be narrowed according to season and theme. Manish Malhotra recommends sparkle and glamour in modern Colors those days are passed when we used to stick on the traditional Indian looks and give the same looks for every event. Manish Malhotra also said in one of his interview that don’t hide your individuality  so we should be unique and stand out in any wedding with our looks  and dress.

Indian weddings are given celebrity nature and are encouraged traditional off limits. In Indian Hindu wedding guests can wear any Color but black is excluded. So before shopping any dresses familiarise yourself with Indian fashion terminology. A lehenga is basically a two piece outfit that includes a top with full high waisted skirt.

Top trending Dresses of wedding in 2021

  • Short dresses

If you are a COVID bride planning or Zoom wedding, eloping or looking a good excuse to showoff it’s just a killer pose, this wedding 2021 dress is for you.

  • Capes

This year go minimalist with a sheer cape and drama with a beaded or printed one.  This provides you the sone benefits of the traditional veil.


A ruffle adds equal parts whimsical and frilly, ultra feminine, cascading and fashion forward.

What to know before dresses shopping

  • Limit –  enlist one or two closest friends or family to help you start your reach your search and best suits you and your style. Don’t pressured by too many opinions.

  • Hidden Cost : Wedding gown or lehengas budget doesn’t include dress your veil will also add to your bottom line.

  • Undergarments: Before heading into your appointment claim and the knot most bridal shops or plan body shaper, gown specific undergarments for your first fitting but not your initial appointment.

  • Shop for your body: Focus less on your weight and more on frame and shape. Weight may fluctuate and especially in stressful situations and concentrate on that features and you will feel amazing.

  • Skip Day one of sample sale:  favour yourself and call ahead to ask and tempted to get as soon as doors open, but shopping on the first day can be overwhelming and crowded 

  • Salon: find some good bridal salon near you for your makeup.

So guy’s I hope you got some idea’s with this article and there is lot you will experience after trying all the mix and matches practically. And  do let us know in the comment how you felt after reading this did you got some help with this article?. We will appreciate your comments.