Pre wedding Self-Care

You can do this at home with your natural ingredients

Wedding is something doesn’t happen often in life. Every girl has a dream of their dream wedding. When the date of their wedding fixes they started getting butterflies in their stomach of entering the new life and sadness of living their parents home.

Wedding is not that simple it requires lots of hard work and effort to make a wedding successful event perfect and beautiful bride is the main attraction of any wedding. People may not talk about  your decoration, how much money invested by you in the marriage but they will definitely talk about the bride their beauty. So it’s important for a bride to keep herself beautiful when her wedding arrives. Nothing is more beautiful then a naturally glowing bride. How can you achieve this naturally?  In today’s article we will reveal the secrets of being a beautiful bride naturally without any skin treatment in the parlour you can do it naturally at home. 

So let’s start how you can do this at home with your natural ingredients.

  1. Carrot and beetroot juice

How to prepare the beet root juice.  Cut one fresh beet root and carrot into slices andput them into mixer jar and pour lemon juice and little bit of cut slices of ginger and make the juice. You can drink it by adding rock salt or jaggery for 1 month.

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Benefit: This juice will give  a natural glow onto your face and cleans your stomach every morning. Reduces scar marks and prevents the pimples.

  • Body Scrub:

Take a bowl add some coffee powder, olive oil, some coconut oil and a two spoon sugar mix them well and your body scrub is ready apply this body scrub twice a week and you can store this scrub for 6 month in a container.

Benefit: smoothen your skin, makes it glow, cleanses deeply and moisturises.

  • Lemon juice: Wake up in the early morning and with empty stomach just take a glass of warm water squeeze a lemon and honey and drink that water.

Benefit: cleanses your stomach and prevents pimples, brings glow into your face.

  • Body massage: Take a body massage once a week prior 1 month of your wedding.

Skin care Routine:

  1. Toner: wake up in the morning cleanse your skin with a good cleanser apply a good quality Face Toner.
  2. Cream:  apply a good quality morning brightening cream and don’t forget to apply your Night cream as well. Keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Use sheet mask: use sheet mask twice a week sheet masks provides the vitamins and minerals and observing nutrients to your skin.

Weight loss Regime:

Before 1 month of your wedding start maintaining your figure too. Now I’ll tell you all the secrets of weight loss which will loose your weight with perfect time. Follow this with a strict regime.

  1. Start your day with egg in your breakfast if you are vegetarian just eat the simple oats and start your day.
  • At the breakfast eat the oil free food like Paneer sabji or Raita.
  • In the night eat some just keep it simple and clean just avoid eating If you can or you can just have a oats.

So this were all my diet and skin care secrets which I have shared to you people belive me this all is a wonder secrets which works  well and adds extra to your beauty and beauty regime.